As Starmer rushes to the right, we urge our readers to join us in building a fighting left

The Tories’ days may be numbered, but they are attacking us all ruthlessly. Wages are in free fall, the NHS is in meltdown, workers’ rights are being robbed, immigrants are scapegoated, and all the while we are being urged to back escalating the war in Ukraine.

Millions of people are angry at what is happening. Hundreds of thousands have taken strike action. The question is how do we move forward?

Starmer’s Labour Party provides no answers for working people. He backs the Tories on many issues and spends more time and energy attacking the left than the right.

We need a left that stands up to the government and the bosses. We need to organise to bring together the different strands of resistance into a force capable of taking them on. 

That is why we urge you to join Counterfire.  

Counterfire played an important role in bringing together strikers and trade unionists for the recent Rank-and-File Organising Conference in London. We have branches around the UK that build solidarity with the strikes, campaign against cuts and closures and fight for socialist ideas. As well as organising rank-and-file resistance, we are central to the campaigns against war and austerity. 

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that working people cannot advance without organisation. We know that the horrors of poverty, environmental destruction and racism are rooted in a system based on exploitation and greed. We need to get organised now against the bosses, the generals and all those who stand between us and a better world.

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