The People's Assembly's Not One Day More demonstration The People's Assembly's Not One Day More demonstration. Photo: Jim Aindow

An appeal to Counterfire’s supporters

The Tories are in chaos, failing catastrophically to deal with the Covid crisis. Rather than confronting the government, Starmer’s suspension of Corbyn shows that once again he’s focused on purging the left. The result is that Labour is incapable of channelling the growing anger against the government.

In these circumstances, the development of an effective extra-parliamentary left is urgent. Poll after poll shows widespread resentment against the government. There is massive support for every campaign against the Tories, whether it’s the demand for free school meals during holidays, health workers protesting for a pay rise or politicians in the north demanding more support during lockdown.

The government is vulnerable. Protest and public opinion have forced u-turn after u-turn. We need a left that can fight to shape the outcome of this crisis to ensure it’s not working people that pay.

This means supporting and trying to generalise the struggles in workplaces, communities, universities and on the streets. Now more than ever, we need to be organised and working collectively to fight for a zero-Covid strategy and to stand up to the right. It is clear that this fight is not mainly going to take place in the halls of Westminster.

Counterfire is working to try and develop a left that can take this fight forward. We have one of the best-read websites on the left which daily provides campaigning news, reports from key workers on the frontline, and socialist arguments and analysis to strengthen our side. 

We have groups around the country working to build solidarity and support for every protest and picket line. During lockdown we have had a very successful series of meetings, local and national, discussing the latest political developments and bigger theoretical questions, helping to pull together a network of organised socialists.

Society is becoming more and more polarised. Starmer’s Labour cannot provide a lead for working people. We urge you to join us in building a left that can.

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