Students at University of Sussex protest against privatisation, forcing their way past security to join the occupiers of Bramber House

The sixth day of the occupation of the Bramber House conference centre at the University of Sussex. Following the largest demonstration to date in Library Square, with speakers including Sussex lecturer Luke Martell, University of Sussex Students’ Union president Kelly McBride, and comedian Mark Steel.

The protest progressed to Sussex House then Bramber House. Following calls of ‘join us’ from the conference centre, found a way past private security guarding the entrance to the conference centre, swelling numbers by several hundred. The result was an edict from an unknown source, allowing protesters to pass freely into the conference centre between the hours of 8am and 10pm. While this order is being carried out, there is no written guarantee from the University to substantiate it.

  • Josie Carder — Camera, editor
  • Sophie Howard – Producer, editor and presenter
  • Karina Jakupsdottir — Lead editor
  • Paul Moore – Producer, editor and camera
  • Stephen Pomfret — Editor
  • Sophie Wallace — Producer, editor

Filmed 12/2/13
Released 13/2/13

With thanks to Ryan Goebels