London Palestine march London Palestine march. Photo: Oscar Cousins

Counterfire members report on the protests across the UK in solidarity with Palestine

London – Shabbir Lakha

An estimated 150,000 protesters marched through the streets of London to oppose the mass killing of the people of Gaza. The protest was a show of defiance against the Home Secretary and Police who have tried to intimidate protesters and criminalise Palestine solidarity.

London showed that despite the government, Keir Starmer’s Labour and entire media establishment justifying the war crimes of the Israeli regime, huge numbers of people oppose the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and our government’s support for it.

Our protest will have given confidence to those who might have been afraid to speak out, to trade unionists being cautious and importantly, to the people of Palestine and the Middle East that they are not alone. There will be a national demonstration in London next Saturday from 12pm (assembly point and route to be confirmed). As Israel continues to bombard Gaza, forces Palestinians to flee and prepares for a ground invasion, we need everyone to come to London and turn out in even bigger numbers, united in solidarity with Palestine.

Glasgow – Leah Levane

The rally was huge with some streets needing to be closed off.  Gathering at the main Concert Centre at Buchanan steps, thousands of people rallied to show their solidarity with Palestinians and with Gaza.  Most of the speakers were Palestinian who spoke so movingly and powerfully, mostly about their own families’ experience.  People were angry but restrained. Hamza Yousaf’s parents were there as they await news from their son’s parents in law. 

Photo: Leah Levane

One of the speakers called clearly for Palestinians to have the same human rights as the settlers, the colonialists and that this was the only way to peace. 

Other speakers praised Celtic supporters for their stand, which you can see here Statement from the Celtic Supporters Association.

There were many cheers as people spoke and two loud cheers for speakers who referenced the large rally of Jewish people in New York making it clear that this was NOT being done in their name and that many in the local Jewish community had said the same.  

After the speeches and many chants of Free Free Palestine; the demonstration made their way to the BBC to protest at their biased reporting.  

Norwich – Jacqueline Mulhallen

Preston – Michael Lavalette (Sunday)

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