Fighting for Socialism image Fighting for Socialism image. Source: Counterfire

Thanks to everyone who has donated to our crowdfunder so far and taken us well over two-thirds of the way to our £15,000 target

We have ten more days of the campaign to raise the last few thousand pounds, so we asking all our members and supporters to dig deep. 

We launched the crowdfunder because we are expanding and that means we need more organisers and we need to put on more events and produce more publications. It all costs money. 

There is growing anger and bitterness in communities up and down the country, but Starmer’s Labour Party is incapable of channelling it.

We want revolutionary socialist organisation in every corner of the UK. We want to extend the reach of the radical left’s only free newspaper. We aim to expand the content and coverage of, already one of the best-read websites on the left.

Please give generously and help build a fighting socialist left. 

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