Based on the decision of the national management of the General Union of Tunisian Workers to conduct necessary cooperation with the interim government on the conditions that the government

  • Accepts dissolving and re-establishing the committees in consultation with the political and social components of civil society
  • Forms a Council for the Protection of the Revolution to ensure political, civil, and regional representation, to enable decision-making mechanisms, and to consolidate the right to scrutinize government activities, and
  • Assigns to this council the task of preparing a transitional electoral law for the popular and democratic election of a constituent assembly,

And considering:

  1. The interim government’s unresponsiveness to these conditions set by the General Union of Tunisian Workers, despite the numerous meetings conducted with our representatives
  2. The current government’s inability to guarantee the security of citizens and the general public, or to defend production enterprises and public and private property
  3. Its reluctance to dissolve the pillars of the Constitutional Democratic Rally (RCD) in accordance with the demands of all political and social components of civil society and of the general public
  4. No effective prosecution of those responsible for the financial and managerial corruption that characterized the rule of the deposed president and his entourage
  5. The national and regional sit-ins demanding the downfall of the government and the election of a constitutional assembly as a key step to democratization and freedom of choice
  6. And, in tribute to the martyrs of our people, and in respect for the blood they shed in defense of this nation and for a life of dignity, security, and freedom,

The executive office of the General Union of Tunisian Workers, meeting on Sunday the 27th of February 2011, under the chairmanship of brother Abdul Salam Jarad:

  • Calls for the current government to resign immediately and to relinquish the management of the country, considering its total inability to guarantee the security of citizens or to fulfill the transitional role it was founded upon
  • Calls for a constituent assembly elected by the people to guarantee democracy and freedom of choice
  • Calls for the interim president to assign, with the concensus of the people, a respected national figure for the formation of a caretaker government composed of technocrats; these technocrats’ role would culminate in the election of the constititonal assembly and they would have no right to run for any political positions.
  • That the interim president issue a decree providing for the formation of the Council for the Protection of the Revolution, in accordance with the terms and provisions set forth above

The Executive Office, while calling for the national administrative body to heal later on, supports the movements planned by the regional bodies and urges legitimate struggles until the government is pushed to resign.

Tunis, February 27th,
Abdul Salam Jarad

Translation: Amal Ahmad | Link to original document in Arabic