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Not content with the death and destruction under his watch, the Prime Minister’s going for London Underground trains, but tube drivers are defiant, reports Unjum Mirza

I saw this headline having just surfaced from my shift driving on the Victoria Line this morning: ”PM calls for driverless trains as condition of future TfL bailout”

Anyone travelling on the line today would know that the service was up the wall because of a broken rail between Finsbury Park and Seven Sisters. Now imagine your train driverless too…

Of course, we’re used to this rubbish from the former Mayor of London and now Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Not content with leaving the country up shit creek without a paddle concerning the coronavirus pandemic, it appears he’s now (re)set his sights on signalling our trains into the buffers too.

Aside from all else, the moron who runs the country doesn’t seem to realise that KPMG, recruited by the Department for Transport to scrutinise TfL’s accounts as part of the bailout, will be cutting back and asset stripping the very areas necessary for the upgrades and technology to turn his fantasy of driverless trains in any sense a reality.

Our position as trade unionists and passengers should be united as it should be plain: we’ve suffered enough death and destruction on your watch Prime Minister. We stand united in defence of our jobs and services. Piss off.

Unjum Mirza

Unjum Mirza is a driver on the London Underground. He is on the Editorial Board of Tunnel Vision, the rank and file bulletin, and is an Aslef union branch chair.

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