Goldman Sachs is being investigated for fraud and is heavily implicated in the complex derivatives trading which brought the global economy to the brink of collapse.

Thatcher Cameron NoThe “morally bankrupt” firm advised the former Greek government on how to hide Euro 1 billion debt which led to its almost bankruptsy – and is now making a few quid advising the current politicians on how to get out of the crisis.

And now individual brokers and former directors at the Goldmans are investing cash made in the boom in a future Conservative government with significant donations to the party nationally and locally.

Richard Sharp was a leading director until 2006 has since that date donated £220,000 to the Tories nationally with thousands handed over in Kensington and Chelsea.

Readers of The Sauce may remember Richard’s sister Mrs Justice Sharp broke the signal workers strike – and his father privatised Cable and Wireless for Margaret Thatcher.

Simon Robertson, a Goldman Sachs banker until 2005 has given £325,000 to the party in the last six years. Christopher French, head of wealth managment, donated £50,000 in 2008.

Hugh Sloane and George Robinson make a packet from running the Sloane Robinson hedge fund – including in partnership with Goldman – gave £317,000 and £150,000 to the Conservatives.

Disgustingly rich
As Private Eye has pointed out, such donations make a mochery of Tory Treasury spokesman Mark Hoban’s attempts to attack Gordon Brown for “lashing out at the people he was very happy to work with over the last 13 years.”

Every vote cast tomorrow must be used to keep the Tories out – if only because of the people who’s cash has paid for the Conservative’s election campaign.

As previously pointed out here – mainly thanks to reports in Private Eye – the Tories are in the pay of former Lehman Brothers’ executives, a businessman who bribed Saddam Hussein and oil barons.

Labour has disgraced itself through courting big business since Peter Mandelson said he was comfortable with people being disgustingly rich. But we still have to stop the party of Boris Johnson, Andy Coulson, Nicholas Boles, Tom Newton Dunn, strip bar lawyer Gareth Hughes, immigrant bashers, homophobes, and strike breakers.