Thousands march outside Downing Street calling for David Cameron's resignation. Source: @Taaliah76 Outside Downing Street calling for David Cameron's resignation. Photo: @Taaliah76

In response to the largest exposé of tax evasion in history, the British public have taken to the streets calling for David Cameron’s resignation

Thousands marched from Downing Street calling for David Cameron to resign, following his implication in the Panama papers. What started as a snap protest, turned into a full day of action, with protesters heading to a Tory conference down the road – pressuring MP’s to take action against their leader. But it’s not just Cameron, it’s the whole lot of them we want out.
Things couldn’t get much worse for the Tories, as almost every cabinet minister has come under attack in recent months. If Cameron does resign, there are very few that could take his place – particularly with Boris Johnson heading the ‘out’ side of the party in the debate around the EU. 
We have an opportunity here – unprecedented in British politics – to bring this government down and replace it with a government with a plan for the people. Not just that, but there is a movement waiting in the wings, ready to take action and demand a serious left-wing alternative. The People’s Assembly demonstration next Saturday is a platform for change, and an opportunity to demonstrate public discontent with this government’s draconian policies. 
David Cameron has lost all credibility. He can no longer talk about tax evasion without being laughed at, as much as he could visit a farm without the owners calling in animal cruelty officers. We can follow Iceland’s example and kick him out.
We know what we want as a movement, and we know what the Tories have done to this country, we just need to act now and respond the situation. The EU referendum will only pull the Tories further down – they have absolutely no coherence on this, and it could potentially end in a spilt. 
People from all parts of society are now fully aware of what the Tories stand for – if they may have suspected the Tories were the party of bankers and tax avoiders before, they now have full-blown evidence. The veil has been lifted. 
We must now come together, discuss, demonstrate and celebrate the demise of the Tory party. This is our time now, and we can build a country and a world for the many, not the few.

Cameron Panting

Cameron Panting was formerly National Organiser for Counterfire. He is active within the People's Assembly and Stop The War.