Photo: Sybil Cock Photo: Sybil Cock

Tower Hamlets continue their strike action against the unfair contracts being imposed on them by the council, reports Sybil Cock from the picket line

Unison members employed by Tower Hamlets Council have continued their strike action after they were fired and rehired on inferior contracts. The move by Mayor John Biggs and the Labour Council was a slap in the face for workers who have been on the frontline during the coronavirus crisis and has sparked outrage.

Photo: Sybil Cock

But the workers decided to fight back – and they’re not giving up. The picket lines remain lively, workers remain confident, and public support has continued to pour in for the strikers. As well as being an overtly shameful attempt to attack the very people the nation has relied on since the pandemic began, what’s happening in Tower Hamlets is likely being monitored closely by councils and companies across the country.

Croydon Council is in the midst of a consultation to axe over 500 jobs, and companies like British Airways are using a similar fire-and-rehire tactic to downgrade their employees’ contacts and give them pay cuts. The outcome of the Tower Hamlets council dispute will affect the confidence of either employers to attack workers or of workers to fight back.

Photo: Sybil Cock


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