Potent Whisper. Photo: Youtube/Potent Whisper Potent Whisper. Photo: Youtube/Potent Whisper

Potent Whisper makes the case for protesting against Donald Trump

You’ve seen a thousand videos on Donald Trump – literally

He’s not exactlythe global man of mystery

You already know what you think about his victory

And you’re an expert on his hair and his history


You’ve already know what you think of the guy 

I’m not gonna waste my time trying to change your mind

But, whatever you’re doing now, I’d suggest you stop

Cos this could be the most important video you watch



Whether or not you like Trump, he’s a world leader

Everything he says and does impacts on us – that’s

why we always have to keep an eye on how he leads us

Cos if we don’t, everything would just be based on trust


Now you might trust him, but I’m not inclined to 

How could I trust a man who likes to lie the way he likes to

I’ve seen him lie, speaking like his statements are a safe thing

Then when he’s proved wrong he just lies about the same thing



Yeah but that… isn’t true?

No but just trust Trump


Yeah but… I’ve got proof

No but just trust Trump


I don’t think that you should do…

Just trust Trump. 


Shut up and trust Trump.

Listen buddy he’s got money 

Just. Trust. Trump.


Now whether or not you do, others do trust him

28% of Americans love him

If you ever tried to cuss him every one of them would rush in 

To many of them even God is barely just above him


But, I don’t like when people call Trump voters idiots

As if you know what’s really going on and they’re oblivious

Their vote was not a joke to them, they based it on experience

Whether or not you like Trump, their feelings are legitimate 


They voted for Trump because millions were miserable

People felt forgotten, jobless, invisible

It wasn’t just difficult, life was barely liveable

The people wanted change and they don’t deserve your ridicule 


When Trump came along, they saw something different 

He talked like them, he seemed to have vision

A self made, world famous billionaire too

A first class businessman… well that’s not quite true


I mean

Him and his companies have gone bankrupt six times

Who do you know that’s been bankrupt six times?!

Six times – honestly!

I’m sorry but that bothers me

He’s in charge of one of the world’s largest economies


From America to Scotland his business has problems

He lost 24 mill in 2016

The next year alone he lost $400m

That doesn’t sound brilliant – or is it just me?


They say his Trump University real estate courses

Defrauded students on a big scale – he paid

25 million to settle out of court – but

I guess he can afford it if it means he skips jail


Then there’s the 3500 legal actions listed all against Trump’s not so ethical business’


His companies have been in over 100 tax disputes

He says he’s smart for not paying tax

So what does that make you?


Like real talk – I’m not being funny

If he can’t run a business, how can he run a country?




But it’s alright, cos he’ll put America First

He says it all day, he says it til it hurts

At first, I didn’t really think that I could trust his words

But he really did deliver and America is first


Highest deficit economy – America, first

Highest wealth inequality – America, first


The most expensive healthcare – America, first

A growing lack of social welfare – America, first


The country with the most human beings kept in prison

The largest immigration detention system 

The country most responsible for drone strike killings

For these things, believe that America’s first


The highest opinion of themselves

The lowest opinion of everyone else

The biggest killer in the world

America, first.


But speaking of racist, xenophobic policies

You know Theresa May

She’ll be greeting Trump when he comes to the UK

They’ll be holding hands like he never went away

I guess it makes sense really, they’re clearly both the same


No, I’m only joking:

We’ve got a strong economy – tell that to the working class

We’ve got democracy – though none of us wanted to bomb Iraq

We’ve got honest policies – while families are left to starve

We’ve got the monarchy! 

Hahaha come on you have to laugh…


I mean the queen is gonna meet Donald Trump

Your majesty the queen is gonna greet Donald Trump

What does that say to the world about us

What type of message is that to our sons?


Do-you-know why Trump is coming to the UK

Well it isn’t to seduce May, he’s coming here to do trade

And none of you have to be a genius to guess

The US are gonna want a piece of our NHS


And she hasn’t ruled it out!

She is not a leader

Trump’s not welcome and neither is Theresa


But when he comes I hope he loves that baby being flown

Plus the hostile environment will make him feel at home

Then he’s got Tommy Robinson just down the road

And oh – Boris and Nigel said to say hello


Trump doesn’t need to fly here to arrive

Trump’s been here for a very long time

Trump’s right here, in our fear of non-whites

Trump’s in the blood and tears we watch live


But you know

The main thing about Trump that’s unsettling

He doesn’t just represent America first

As the united states president  – I’m hesitant to say it –

But in some ways, he represents earth


Imagine if aliens come to earth while Trump was the president

I don’t know but I don’t think they’d be all that impressed with him

Imagine it now: they all come down like “take me to your leader”

What’s he gonna do, make them get a visa?


What’s he gonna do – grab ‘em by the pussy?

Tell them he’s got big hands? Call them all a woosie?

Build a wall around us all, that’s what he does with aliens

And tell them they can laugh now but Mars is gonna pay for it!


Haha nuh

Trump would never speak to real aliens like that

If they were real they’d be powerful, they might bite back

They would never fly back, Trump would get a right hand

He only picks on immigrants cos they can’t fight back




He knows that they’re vulnerable, that they’re seeking amnesty 

He knows they’re fleeing war, global warming and catastrophe

But he still wraps them up in a flag of fallacy 

And actually, in doing that he abstracts reality


He makes you point at them and everything except his policies

Quickly look at them! …and not Trump’s screwed economy

The robbery of medicare, food stamp poverty

The everyday privatised lynching of democracy


Forget all that – cos Trumps the main attraction

His Twitter timeline alone is primetime distraction

Grabbing up every headline, quite incredible  

The ultimate spectacle, the one man festival


Beef after beef, scandal after scandal

Tweet after tweet, handle after handle

He does bad things and he makes the world watch

I’m already starting to cut myself off

We all are.


We become numb to the world, to ourselves, to the truth, to reality

And in the end we become numb to our humanity 

Technically they call it alienation 

So welcome to Donald Trump’s alien nation


Whatever you think of Trump

Whether or not you buy his captions

Whether you think he’s real, fake, great or a distraction

We have to action, we need to impeach him

And we need to do that for one of two reasons:


1. Nuclear war


There’s around 15,000 nuclear weapons on the planet 

America and Russia have 7,000 each 

If they went to war there would be more than damage 

They would kill 400 million human beings


That’s 10x the death count of WWII

And trust me, believe me, that’s not fake news

Which is worrying when you consider the announcement of Trump’s brand new “usable nukes”


Yeah, Trump’s got nukes and now he wants to use them

Do you understand what would happen if he used them?!

They’d destroy humans, like – the human race

And believe me, we’re all only one mistake away


A mistake like say –

Tearing up the Iran nuclear deal

Or deploying THAAD which China will feel

Or threatening to kill millions in North Korea?

Trump’s provoking war and it couldn’t be more clear


The second main reason we need to impeach him is Global warming:


Trump’s not concerned with the earth, he doesn’t pretend to be

Climate change is fake news! Is what his position tends to be

He’s never been a friend of the earth, he’s an enemy

The president only represents big energy


Everything I’m saying now is factually provable

He actually calls cole “clean” and “beautiful”

He demonises everything that’s renewable

The fool thinks he’s in control but the effects will not be mutable 


He says that global warming is a conspiracy that china made

He says he doesn’t concede it’s true and doesn’t believe in climate change

Then why’s he building walls around his golf courses?

Cos he knows the sea is rising – that’s what coal causes!


But he still dropped right out of the Paris Agreement

And everyone shouted… their passive agreement

Maybe cos his admin is actually teaming 

With oil, coal, gas and fracking industry leaders


This isn’t about the far right, the centre or the left

He’ll destroy the earth itself, there’ll be nothing left

What will it take for you to get this through your heads?

None of us can get rich if we’re fucking dead!


Human extinction, for the first time, has literally

Gone from a possibility to probability

But he doesn’t mind cos it’s good publicity

Trump is the most dangerous man in human history


Now is the time to call for global revolution

Intensified resistance, unified solutions

Cos if we don’t impeach him or get some resolutions

Trump could be the actual end of human evolution

Think about that.