This Saturday’s mass rally supporting Amazon strikers will be a step in rebuilding rank-and-file solidarity and organisation

This Saturday, hundreds of trade unionists and activists are set to descend on Coventry to deliver mass solidarity with the Amazon strikers. After a year of a strike wave that has seen over a million workers out on the picket lines, but little coordination or attempts to link up the struggles by the unions, this will be an opportunity for bringing together the kind of solidarity and unity needed to beat the bosses.

This rally was called by Amazon strikers themselves, and has been built at every step from the bottom up by rank-and-file activists across unions. It has clearly terrified Amazon who have – for the first time since the strike began a year ago – fortified the Coventry and Rugeley warehouses with fences.

Watch the video below narrated by Amazon striker Darren Westwood about their struggle and why you should join the mass rally. There are still some seats available on coaches coming from around the country, find your nearest one and book here.

Going forward, this is the kind of organisation and confidence we need to not only support the Amazon workers to victory, but to bring back to all our disputes and unions and make sure we win.

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Shabbir Lakha

Shabbir Lakha is a Stop the War officer, a People's Assembly activist and a member of Counterfire.