Mark Perryman on the line-up for Philosophy Football’s anti-austerity Christmas Party on 19 December

In a year of such a shattering defeat in May’s General Election and the resulting forward march of austerity, Christmas could be a time for the do-nothingness of the political equivalent of Micawberism.

But this is no time to be miserable. The season of not much peace and precious little goodwill also provides us with a radical counter-narrative to the consumerist bonanza that Christmas has been. What Christmas would be complete without Dickens’ Christmas Carol? And who is the villain of the piece? A mean-spirited employer whose name has become synonymous with all that is rotten in a low-wage economy clampdown.

So the celebrated organisers of a good night out, aka Philosophy Football have teamed up with the People’s Assembly and the RMT supported by the FBU for a huge Scroogeonomics Christmas Party on Saturday, 19 December at East London arts venue Rich Mix.

A seasonal Saturday night out with a headlining stand-up set of razor-sharp wit from Bridget Christie preceded by an in-conversation with Guardian columnist Zoe Williams. Plus sparkling spoken word from poet Salena Godden.

Closing the show originators of socialist R&B Thee Faction will be playing anthems to dance, or march to with South Coast Ska legends The Meow Meows in hot musical pursuit. If that lot doesn’t get activists laughing and dancing then some ghostly Christmas spirits will have to be called upon to sort out a sense of humour plus some dancing shoes for Santa to pack when he makes it down the chimney.

The night won’t be short of ideas either. Opened by the renowned writer on inequality Danny Dorling an international discussion on austerity and its discontents with Marina Prentoulis of Syriza joined by Shelly Asquith NUS vice-president and leading activist in the victorious #jezwecan campaign.

Conscious of the enduring popularity of the Christmas Carol and its essentially radical narrative new work has been commisioned by young artists keenly involved in the anti-austerity movement  to reinterpret the story as a tale of their generation. Poet Matt Abbott and musician Nia will be performing this work on the evening.

A night out to finish off a year of resistance, #jezwecan and the beginnings of new hope too. A night to celebrate and to prepare for 2016. A night to say to Cameron and Osborne’s Scroogeonomics, Bah! Humbug

Saturday, 19 December, doors open 6pm, show starts 7pm at the superb Rich Mix Arts Venue in East London. Tickets just £9.99, with discounts on group tickets. From Philosophy Football Or call 01273 472 721 to book.

Mark Perryman

Mark Perryman is a member of both the Labour Party and Momentum. Co-founder of the self-styled ‘sporting outfitters of intellectual distinction’ aka Philosophy Football, he has also edited numerous books on the politics of the Left. The latest is Corbynism from Below and is published by Lawrence & Wishart, available to order from here


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