hundreds at Corbyn's rally Many flocked to support Jeremy Corbyn. Photo: Seb Cooke

Jeremy Corbyn’s enthusiastic rally in Cardiff demonstrated the tenacity of his supporters and the potential of his campaign, writes Tom Whittaker

It was great to be at Whitchurch Common on the edge of Cardiff on Friday afternoon to see Corbyn really get the ball rolling. A Tory marginal seat since 2010 with a 2000 majority.

1000 people gathered at barely 24 hours notice. There was huge enthusiasm for Corbyn who was mobbed and unable to leave for almost 45 mins after finishing speaking.

Most impressive, was the sense of unity and seriousness of all those present. This was of course South Wales, but stoicism and determination of this sort is infectious.

The only problem lay with the PA system, which was adequate for a crowd of 200, not 1000. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

However, the overall message was very clear: namely that Jeremy Corbyn is the candidate of the people against a rich and powerful political and economic establishment.

Many people may not have wanted this election, however, as the signs say on the Revolution ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, ‘there’s no turning back now’.

The Message from South Wales: the fight is on, get involved.

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