The British State: a warning

As the left prepares for the possibility of taking power, Chris Nineham’s timely new book analyses the British state and what the left can expect


The British State: A Warning, Chris Nineham, Zero Books 2019

What happens if a radical government gets elected in Britain? How will the banks, the civil servants, the media and the military react? Is the idea of a British coup far-fetched? How can the left prepare? Chris Nineham looks behind the myths at the reality of two hundred years of British state rule and brings us a warning from history.

“This gripping, fast-paced and provocative book is an alternative history of Britain. It shows how the carefully nurtured image of British fair play and liberalism has in fact concealed the real drama: the raw manipulation of power by and for a small number of people. British capitalism has historically actively undermined and suppressed any real change to the balance of power: this book warns that a future progressive government will face the same intransigence”

Brian Eno

“An outstanding primer, these issues are more urgent than ever”

John Pilger

“Fascinating and insightful. A timely and important book”

Francesca Martinez

“A very valuable, concise, salutary history”

Mike Wayne

“Home truths, deftly told”

Danny Dorling

“Chris Nineham is uniquely well placed to tell this story”

Ken Loach