The final declaration coming out of the Forum of Solidarity with Arab Revolutions, which took place in Cairo 3-5th June, affirms the Forum’s resolute support for the Arab revolutions and calls for the end to imperial intervention in Libya.

In a unique historic era witnessing the victory of popular revolutions and their eruption in several countries in the Arab region, and in recognition of the huge regional and international impact of these first revolutions of the 21st century, Cairo hosted the Forum of Solidarity with Arab Revolutions in revolutionary Egypt. Numerous leftist and anti-capitalist forces and persons from all over the world, north and south, took part in the Forum.

The Forum’s sessions witnessed rich and deep interventions and discussions on the experiences of current Arab revolutions and the challenges they face, as well as the prospects of deepening and extending these revolutionary processes. Discussions dealt with the relationship of these revolutions to the issue of democracy, and the latter’s organic connection to the desired social change based on the majority of people’s self-management of their lives and taking their destiny into their hands.

Discussions did not cover the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions alone, but dealt also with the main issues raised by popular revolts in Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya and other Arab countries.

Participants agreed on the importance of the left’s firm and clear involvement in these revolutions, and its commitment to build large organizational forms to unite its ranks, and the creation of popular alliances as a basis to radicalize and deepen these continuous revolutions and pushing revolutionary transformations forward in the interest of popular classes.

The Forum expressed its absolute and resolute support for Arab popular revolutions against all Arab regimes of tyranny and corruption, with no exception. It called for building the largest possible regional and international networks of solidarity in support of Arab revolutions.

The Forum also expressed its conviction of the connection between democratic struggle from below and social struggle, and the link between anti-imperialism and anti-capitalism. Regarding the specificity of the Libyan revolution, the Forum asserted its firm support for the Libyan people’s revolution against the criminal Gaddafi regime. It also condemned the military imperialist intervention in Libya, justified by the barbaric confrontation of the Gaddafi regime of popular peaceful protests, calling for stopping this intervention immediately.

Finally, the Forum expressed its complete solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people to gain its complete legitimate rights against the Zionist state, which is the spearhead of the imperialist project in the Arab region and part and parcel of the counter-revolution in it.

Long Live the Arab Revolutions!

Feyzi Ismail

Feyzi Ismail teaches at Goldsmiths, University of London, and is active in UCU