In the wake of the mass protests in Syria the regime is conducting a policy of mass arrests and repression. The following statement is by the Committee for Supporting the Syrian Intifada.

Syria IntifadaThe Syrian security services are using malicious policy to abort the uprising of the Syrian masses for freedom and justice, equality and dignity, as they announced today the release of Ms. Suheir Atassi, and about seventy other prisoners, while Syriatel Telecom has announced it would grant sixty minutes of conversation free of charge.

These actions are an attempt to cover up and hide the measures undertaken by the authoritarian Syrian government yesterday evening and today (Sunday 3rd April), which includes the arrests of hundreds of citizens in all governorates in Syria, while cutting at the same time the telecommunications, to prevent internet activists from communicating with each other.

There is also a campaign of promotion of media personalities and political forces pro-or anti-popular uprising, to try to co-opt the forces of opposition and neutralize others – as it is happening now in Turkey – through secret negotiations in a desperate attempt which seeks to break the spirit of the uprising and its continuity.

Long live the permanent popular uprising of the Syrian masses
We are all Syrians and we all want bread and freedom

Committee for Supporting the Syrian Intifada,
April 3, 2011

The Committee for Supporting the Syrian Intafada describes itself briefly as being:

  • Against the Baath dictatorship
  • Against sectarism
  • Against any foreign intervention, especially Western
  • For a Free Syria