Support the pensions fight. Protest on Wednesday 28 March, Assemble: 11am,  Malet Street, W1 – March: to Education Secretary Michael Gove’s office, Westminster

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The Con-Dem attacks on working people are relentless. The attack on public-sector pensions is to be followed by an attack on public-sector pay. Osborne’s budget means tax cuts for the rich and the corporations, but tax rises for pensioners and welfare cuts for the poor. The Lansley health bill means privatisation of the NHS, and now Cameron is threatening privatisation of roads.

Enough is enough. Everyone who fights back deserves maximum support. The London teachers and lecturers are striking again in support of their pensions. The Coalition of Resistance will be marching with them.

No-one should fight alone. The Con-Dem regime has launched an all-out class war against working people – a war of the millionaires against the millions. To meet it, we need a united mass campaign of trade unionists, young people, claimants, minority communities, and working people generally – of the whole 80% who are being made to pay for the bankers’ crisis.

We have to make a reality of unity and solidarity. That is why everyone who opposes the cuts should back the strikes and join the demo if they can. We need to show the Con-Dem regime and its supporters that resistance continues. We need to show the millions who hate the cuts but are not yet active that there is an alternative.