catalonian flag Catalan independence protest, 2012. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In response to the violent repression of the Catalan independence referendum, Counterfire has put out this resolution

The repression by the Spanish state is an outrage and a very grave development in European politics. We ask all our members to urgently circulate and pass the following resolution through their unions, student groups, and campaigning organisations.


1. That the indicative independence referendum of the Catalan people has been savagely repressed by the Spanish state.

2. That the violence of the Spanish state has been condemned by the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn.

3. That the Catalan people are engaged in a popular struggle for democratic rights.

4. That the actions of the Spanish state have not been criticised by the European Union.


1. That the Catalan people have the right to self determination.

2. That the Catalan people are to be congratulated for the popular mobilisation, including protests, strike action, and occupations, that they have undertaken.

3. That the deep repressive reflexes of the Spanish state are in part a reflection of its Francoist heritage.


1. To write to the Catalan government expressing our support for the right of the Catalan people to self determination.

2. To write to the leader of the opposition congratulating him on his stand.

3. To write to the Spanish Ambassador demanding an end to the violence against the Catalans and demanding the referendum should be allowed to proceed in peace.

4. To demand that the British government and the EU condemn the actions of the Spanish state and refuse any military or economic cooperation with Spain until this is the case.

5. To support in any way possible the emergence of a broad based solidarity movement in the UK.

6. To seek to twin with Catalan firefighters, dockers, and other trades unionists who are part of the Catalan popular movement.

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