A group of revolutionary socialists have come together to form the International Socialist Group (Scotland). This is their founding statement.

International Socialist Group Scotland logoWe will participate in the movements against austerity, war and racism and will campaign around climate change, disability discrimination, LGBT and women’s oppression. We believe that the Marxist tradition is essential for anyone who believes we need radical social change and will attempt to develop marxist theory and test our ideas in the struggle- on every protest and every picket line.

The challenge which immediately faces the ISG is to engage with the growing resistance to the austerity program of the Con-Dem government. We aim to do what we can to argue for one, united, mass campaign against austerity. Now more than ever we must strive to build a campaign which unites anti-cuts groups, trade unionists, pensioners, students and the whole Left. We want to help to build a mass movement against the ConDems.

The May 5th elections to the Scottish Parliament require immediate and joint activity. We will be out in force to support George Galloway’s election bid and send fraternal greetings to all candidates on the list.

We believe its vital to engage with the Left on an international level, which will start by sending a delegation to the Cairo Conference. From here live reports will be available on our website.

We will publish a monthly magazine which will agitate for action and protest, analyse world events, contain interviews with major figures on the Left and review the cultural scene. These will be sold at events, outside workplaces, on street stalls and will be offered by subscription to institutions and trade union branches. Being situated in Scotland, we will provide cutting edge analysis and debate of Scottish politics, economics and culture.

Additionally, we aim to produce a regular theoretical journal to provide space for the development of Marxist theory. We will be inviting contributions from the broad left to form set-piece debates on issues of strategy and tactics, history, Marxist theory and economics.

Over the coming months the ISG will hold a launch conference and public rally, to which we extend an open invite to socialists across the country who are interested in our organisation. Additionally, we will begin formal meetings with others on the Left to discuss how we might work together on building the widest possible movement against the cuts.

We need to bring the spirit of the arab revolutions to Britain- a political movement in the streets coupled with workplace and trade union agitation for a general strike. The Left in Britain needs to relate to the millions, not the thousands. Everything is to play for.

We now extend to you an invitation to join the International Socialist Group (Scotland): for the Marxist tradition, for a mass national campaign against austerity, for a fresh and dynamic approach to socialist politics.

For more information contact [email protected] | Facebook page | Website [currently under construction]