Romney’s imploding election campaign, Nato’s failing Afghan campaign, bigotry satirised on twitter and Tony Blair – Isma’il Muhammad on the last seven days

Romney cartoon

It’s been a pretty hectic week in the news. In fact, it’s been a hectic month. We’ve had Mitt Romney writing off 47% of the American population as Obama-voting-tax-avoiders, claiming Palestinians don’t want peace and then admitting he’s happy to allow Israel to continue stealing land and oppressing said Palestinians. All during one $50,000-a-head meal. I wonder if Romney will also be voting Obama?

There’s also been more death and destruction in Afghanistan. First, 2 soldiers were killed at Camp Bastion, then there was the completely proportionate revenge attack in which 25 ‘Insurgents’ died coupled with 8 women & children who ‘probably died’ too.

I’m just really glad the people we (kind of) elected to be Judge, Jury and Executioner are so good at ordering other people to kill dangerous women and children carrying hyper-explosive firewood thousands of miles away. I will definitely sleep easier tonight.

We’ve all witnessed the attitude of the establishment towards the city of Liverpool, and more specifically the families of the 96 who died at Hillsborough. On top of their horrific loss, they’ve had to deal with Media and State vilification for 23 years. They’ve had to deal with the blame being apportioned to them and successive governments ignoring their calls for the truth.

At long last they are beginning to see some real progress. Over the past week or so, we’ve learned of a monumental cover-up involving Politicians and Police leadership. The rest of us all owe a debt of gratitude to those who have fought, and will continue to fight, for justice so tirelessly. They have played a major role in exposing ‘The System’ for what it really is.

Perhaps now the BBC will also see what a slimy, snivelling little rat Kelvin Mackenzie really is and stop inviting him onto their political programming. Unless of course they want to unleash Paxman on him, so we can see more of this.

Speaking of injustice and the police, PC Simon Harwood received the maximum penalty applicable to a policeman for causing the death of an innocent bystander. He was sacked for ‘Gross Misconduct’, but of course, he does get to keep his police pension. Ian Tomlinson’s family believe the whole thing is a cover-up, but the police just don’t do cover-ups, do they?

My favourite story of the past few weeks has definitely been #MuslimRage. Not content with bombing the s**t out of Muslim nations, oppressing them and just generally humiliating them; our lovely mainstream media has been busy implying all Muslims are anti-western, anti-free-speech and just generally anti-life. Newsweek‘s wonderful front cover summed it all up perfectly with their ‘Muslim Rage’ headline followed by their awesome creative department’s advent of the #MuslimRage hashtag.

Newsweek cover

But come on guys, surely you must know that aside from our usual hobbies of flag-burning, blowing things up and oppressing women; hi-jacking stuff is our favourite pastime. Promptly the tag was hi-jacked and we got some gems:

After reading, anyone would think Muslims are actually human?

Anyway, Newsweek really should have paid attention to the modern day Prophet of Peace and Wisdom that is Tony Blair. How BBC Radio 4 thought it was a good idea to ask his opinion on the wrongful murders of innocent people, I will never know. Though, on second thought, he was pretty good at that.