A solid turnout at the Chingford picket. A solid turnout at the Chingford picket. Photo: Bill Wright

A compilation of reports from the various RMT Tube strike picket lines

Carole Vincent – Leytonstone

At Leytonstone depot. Photo: Carole Vincent

The Central Line East Branch RMT members were striking again and I spoke to, Branch Secretary, Jason Moriarty who told me “we’re back fighting to defend our pensions and our jobs, terms, and conditions.

The government wants to save £100 billion in the next year to the detriment of the service we provide. We are balloting now to renew our mandate for further strike action.

We send Solidarity to nurses, postal workers, teaching Unions & all those on strike against the Government and employers who are driving wages down and stripping us of our hard-earned money and terms and conditions”.

The new rep at the Leytonstone branch told me, “The bosses and government are trying to make major changes to our working conditions too. We’ll have to work till we’re 68 years old but will get a lower pension having been forced to pay more in. This is an attack we can’t ignore!”

Sait Akgul – East Finchley

At East Finchley underground station picket. Photo: Sait Akgul

I visited the picket line that was organized by the RMT at East Finchley underground station. There were 9 workers outside and 1 at the station ticket barriers to answer the queries of the passengers. The workers were very upbeat about the strike. There were no hecklers bothering them and the strike seemed very much accepted by the public.

Cici Washburn – Elephant & Castle

At Elephant and Castle picket line. Photo: Cici Washburn

The Elephant & Castle picket line was solid with no trains moving on the Bakerloo. Many activists mobilised in solidarity while students expressed support for the strike amid the noise of hoots and cheers from buses and cabs passing by. The workers were clear that the fight goes on and they will not stand for job losses on stations and attacks to their pensions, they will fight all the way.

RMT striker Mel Mullings said,

“This morning’s strikes were absolutely effective. This government and the London Mayor and TFL have a responsibility to come to the negotiations with acceptable terms.

“We’ve fought so hard for all we have. They should respect we will not just stand by and idly give it away. Solidarity to all my fellow striking RMT members and the rest of the Trade Unions fighting back”

Abel Anderson from Brixton Depot spoke to Counterfire on the picket line

At Brixton depot. Photo: Counterfire

“Striking is the only freedom we have to affect change. Having spent years on the picket line, it has made me into a wholesome person who looks outwards to help the oppressed rather than inwards for self-gain. Seeing firsthand how strikes have won us some important rights further supports the fact that ‘ballots, strikes and votes’ is the only language that our employers understand. In solidarity”

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