Hundreds of activists will be coming together next Sunday in London to discuss the growing crisis and plan how to strengthen resistance

Counterfire is very pleased to be hosting a day event at SOAS University in London on Sunday 18 February to discuss the reverberations of Israel’s assault on the Palestinians.

The Israeli genocide in Gaza has created unspeakable carnage. It is also pushing the Middle East towards a firestorm and creating a global political crisis. The fact that the western powers have backed Israel throughout raises profound questions not just about their foreign policy but about the system they defend. 

Millions have taken to the streets around the world against this catastrophe. Many have been radicalised. 

We are very pleased to be hosting a day of discussion and debate at SOAS in Central London to discuss and analyse the grave situation. The Revolution! event brings together key activists and analysts to look at the causes and consequences of Israel’s assault and how it is linked to the western powers’ war policies.   

Speakers include Tariq Ali, Shabbir Lakha, Lindsey German, Andrew Feinstein, Holly Rigby, Kevin Ovenden, Barnaby Raine, John Rees and many more. 

Sessions include a History of Resistance in the Middle East; Zionism, Anti-semitism and Freedom of Speech; Lenin and Imperialism, The State, Islamophobia and Civil Liberties; Militarism and the political crisis: Next Steps for the Left 

Don’t miss out, book your ticket now and join the Revolution!