Counterfire is pleased to present Revolution! A one day festival of Marxist Ideas at SOAS in central London on November 25

We face a series of dangerous crises. In a world of plenty, billions don’t have enough food. Here, continuing inflation means many people are simply unable to afford basics. The NHS, schools and transport systems are close to collapse. Governments everywhere put commercial interests before the climate emergency and capitalist competition is spreading war. The interlocking crises are generating huge flows of migration. All this at a time when the rich are getting richer than ever.

The system is failing to deliver the basics for ordinary people here and across the planet.

The Revolution! Festival brings together key writers, activists and campaigners to analyse the roots of these interlocking crises and how the left should respond. 

The line up includes Tariq Ali, Lindsey German, Lowkey, Brian Eno, Kate Connelly, Michael Roberts, Matt Huber, Rachel Homes, John Rees and many more.

Sessions include:

  • Britain’s unfinished revolution 
  •  Socialist and the Labour Party: The lessons of the Corbyn Project 
  •  Marx’s theory of crisis 
  •  Apocalypse now? Climate capitalism and class 
  •  Socialism and feminism: How do we win women’s liberation? 
  •  Imperialism today: Will the cold war turn hot? 
  •  Revolutionaries and the trade unions

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