Protestors occupy the central public square in Barcelona – images and report by Graham Kirkwood.

The occupation of Plaça de Catalunya in Barcelona started after a demonstration of 15,000 on Sunday 15th May. Since then young people have set up camp and organised themselves. Each evening there is a mass debate where all issues are discussed in a fraternal and open manner. The main issues are lack of democracy in Spanish politics and life, unemployment and corruption of politicians and the political system. There is clear inspiration and solidarity with the protests in the Arab world.

“Declaration of principles

We have come here voluntarily and on our own free will. After the May 15 demonstrations we have decided to remain united and grow in numbers in our fight for dignity. We do not represent any political party, and none of them represent us.

We are united in our rage, our discomfort, and our precarious life, which is derived from inequality, but what above all keeps us together is our will to change. We are here because we want a new society that puts our lives above any political or economic interest.

We feel crushed by the capitalist economy, and we feel excluded from the present political system, which does not represent us. We are demonstrating in favour of a radical change in society. Above all, we aim to ensure that society itself be the sole driver of this transformation.

They thought we were asleep. They thought they could carry on cutting back our rights without coming into any resistance. But they were wrong: we are fighting – peacefully, but with determination – for the life we deserve.

We have learned from Cairo, Iceland and Madrid.

Now it ¥s time to extend the fight and spread the word.”