Protestors in Barcelona’s main square have successfully retaken it after being forced out by police earlier in the day. Graham Kirkwood reports.

This morning the TV carried news that the police had cleared the occupation of the main square (Plaça de Catalunya) in Barcelona for hygiene reasons.

Pictures were shown of protesters being beaten and dragged from the square. A small group of protesters were still being held by police in the square.

We went there and found a large protest outside the police lines.

Opposition was voiced to any instances of police violence. A stand off ensued and suddenly a rush took place and we were through the police lines and back in the square. The atmosphere was euphoric. Banners were put back up.

There was evidence that rather than there having been a clear up, the police had wrecked the infrastructure of the protest camp including such initiatives as the recycling facilities.

The police had been pushed completely out of the square and the surrounding streets into one street at the top of the square.

A group of protesters continued to push the police back who continued to retreat. Vans were driven at protesters and the police charged and then left totally. The square had been retaken.

Video playlist of clips from the square. Use the arrows to navigate through the list

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