Save Our Ticket Offices protest Save Our Ticket Offices protest. Photo: Carole Vincent

Rail workers and activists took to the streets of London on Thursday to send a strong message to the government and rail companies against ticket office closures, reports Carole Vincent

The department of Transport was a hive of activity on Thursday night as the RMT organised more than a thousand staff, passengers and campaigners from around Britain, to oppose rail company closures of almost a thousand ticket offices, affecting 2,800 jobs throughout the network.

Photo: Carole Vincent

An RMT petition has seen a massive response from the public with nearly 70,000 signatures and huge numbers of people have taken the time to write to their MPs and fill in the consultation to oppose the closures.

Protesters then marched to Downing Street for a rally which was addressed by RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch, Assistant General Secretary Eddie Dempsey, Aslef General Secretary Mick Whelan, Paula Peters from Disabled People Against the Cuts representing disabled staff and rail users, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Tan Dhesi MP, Bonnie Craven TSSA and many more who spoke about the massive impact to rail users in the UK and those from abroad, should the ticket offices close.

The general mood was of anger towards the rail companies again putting profits and bonuses for bosses and shareholders before passengers and their safety. The Tories and rail companies are using the guise of ‘modernisation’ and ‘digitalisation’ to push for massive job cuts and a deteriorated service which will discriminate against millions unable to access tickets and information that only ticket office staff can provide every year.

Photo: Carole Vincent

This is “greed over need” by rail companies. The consultation ended on Thursday but whatever the outcome, we will need to continue to support the campaign to stop ticket office closures as well as the ongoing strikes by rail workers against pay cuts and worsening terms and conditions.

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