Peckham CWU picket line Peckham CWU picket line. Photo: Cici Washburn

Counterfire members report from CWU Royal Mail picket lines around the country on the third day of the national strike

Longton – Joe McCluskey

CWU members at Longton Delivery Office were standing strong on the picket line this morning on the third day of industrial action. In a desperate attempt to break workers’ resolve, the CEO of Royal Mail sent a letter to workers this week warning them about taking strike action. But union members turned up to the picket line in greater numbers than last week showing the CEO that they will not be bullied back to work!

A further two days of strike action across Royal Mail has been announced for Friday 30 September and Saturday 1 October. Support your postie and get down to a picket line.

Photo: Joe McCluskey

Walworth and Peckham – Cici Washburn

Solid strike at Walworth sorting office in South London this morning. We had great discussions about all the action taking place and what needs to happen next. Many members of the public stopped by in solidarity and those that came not knowing the strike was on also showed their support. Paramedics came to the picket and one joined a union while with us. We then went to Peckham to join their picket with other depots. The mood was very lively, the workers were feeling determined. All workers I spoke to were saying we need a day of  action with everybody: Rail, NHS, teachers etc all out on strike together! It is clear the workers are up for a fight and know that we need to coordinate to win.

Photo: Cici Washburn
Photo: Cici Washburn

Prestwich - Chris Neville

In Bury, there was a solid picket at the Prestwich depot with no posties crossing. Support came from Bury Trades Council as well as members of the public who visited the picket line. A GMB rep from Polyflor where workers have been locked out visited to show solidarity and the CWU members committed to joining the Polyflor workers’ march which took place in the afternoon. This is the kind of solidarity between workers we need to see more of and a positive development for trade unions in the area.

Photo: Chris Neville

Woking – Gary Griffiths

In line with the national action, Woking’s Royal Mail and ParcelForce workers were out on strike again today. The official representative outlined that “the strike remains solid” and that “the dispute is not just about better pay but also to stop unacceptable changes to their conditions of work”. It appears that “posties” have received threatening letters from the employer, although details were not disclosed. Public support remains strong as evidenced by the number of car horns sounding as people drove past and encouraging shouts from passers-by.

Photo: Gary Griffiths

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