PCS activists, autumn 2017. Photo: PCS Culture group PCS activists, autumn 2017. Photo: PCS Culture group

As the PCS looks to gain a pay rise, Floyd Codlin discusses what activists can do to help achieve that

Floyd Codlin is on the Group Executive Committee for PCS (Public and Commerical Services Union) Culture, but is writing in a personal capacity.

The PCS Annual Delegate Conference in May 2018 voted overwhelmingly to call a national, statutory ballot on pay. The fact that we had an overwhelmingly positive response last year when we held an online ballot in the winter of 2017 and got nearly 50% is a really good indicator.

The emergency motion was carried overwhelmingly by delegates to conference. We will now be entering a period of intense activity when we aim to achieve, not just a long overdue pay rise, but also a stronger, more confident union, rejuvenated by the influx of a wave of new activists. 

The regional one-day events, to be held on 9 or 16 June, will discuss developing local strategies to deliver an overwhelming yes vote in a ballot. All meetings will be held on either Saturday 9 or 16 June, starting at 10am and finishing no later than 3pm. Events will be held in the following towns and cities:

Saturday 9 June: 









Saturday 16 June: 





PCS is inviting all activists to register now. Meetings will be opened up to members who want to participate in the pay campaign and become actively involved in the union more generally, and members in your branches should be encouraged to register and attend. 

The action we hope to take is in line with other unions such as CWU, who have broken the 1% pay cap. 2017 and 2018 has seen a new confidence in union members. When they take action they feel now that this time they can win. If we have to bite, then let the ruling classes feel just how sharp our teeth are.

To sign up for one of the events or to see the emergency motion on pay, visit www.pcs.org.uk


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