Event poster for Palestine: British colonialism in the Middle East Event poster for Palestine: British colonialism in the Middle East. Source: Counterfire

London Counterfire is hosting a much-needed discussion at the P21 Gallery next Tuesday about Britain’s role, past and present, in the subjugation of the Palestinians

The current brutal Israeli onslaught on the Palestinians has deep historical roots and British colonialism has played a central role. Palestine was under British rule until 1948 and it was British politicians who made the deals that led to the establishment of the Israeli state and the Nakba or catastrophe that was visited on the Palestinian people in that year. Ever since then, British foreign policy in the region has helped sustain the oppression of the Palestinians.

Writer and activist John Rees whose books include ‘Imperialism and Resistance’ and ‘Timelines, A Political History of the Modern World’ will be introduced. If you are in or around London, don’t miss this crucial discussion.

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