Prime Minister Theresa May. Photo: Wikipedia Prime Minister Theresa May. Photo: Wikipedia

We need to get organised in order to avert the economic and ecological disaster that the Tories’ Brexit will cause

Following Theresa May’s ‘Brexit plan’, which is really nothing more than a list of poor objectives, as opposed to an actual plan, we need unity in order to present our own view on how to deal with Brexit.

The People’s Question Time ‘Brexit: What are our demands?’ provided a good platform for this. Now we need to form a strong opposition to an ultra-capitalist Tory Brexit, by fighting for a People’s Brexit, where industry is protected, and workers‘ rights are expanded.

Building support on the streets and in our communities is paramount, but we must also apply pressure to Corbyn and the Labour party to table amendments to some of the key votes that will be coming in the next few months.

We must use the united fronts that we have built campaigning against austerity, war and racism to gain support for radical change.

To further the interests of the working class communities that voted Leave last year, our objectives should be: to push the government into protecting trade union rights, protecting and enhancing our right to withdraw labour, and a renewed defence of freedom of movement.

Also, we must continue to challenge the racism and xenophobia of the political right and argue for a truly internationalist Brexit.

A push for investment in green energy is needed, to provide jobs and bring wealth to many disaffected poor areas of Britain. We should also push for the pledge or ‘suggestion’ of spending £350 million pounds a week to the NHS.

We should vehemently oppose the PM’s plan to turn Britain into a ‘bargain basement’, as Corbyn calls it, where the elites can come and stow away their millions without the fear of paying tax. Brexit was largely caused by an emotional response to decades of alienation and socio-economic stagnation, and May’s deal will only reinforce the economic repression of our working classes and worsen the conditions of impoverished people in this country.

If we do not properly organise now, the Brexit that will pass will be an ecological, and economic disaster. With Trump’s inauguration, and promises of a “quick and fast tracked” trade deal with the US, we can expect the Tories to turn us into the 51st American state.

It was those who are disenfranchised that voted for Brexit, and only a People’s Brexit will bring about the change they expect.