Mona Kamal speaks at NHS protest Mona Kamal speaks at NHS protest

Mona Kamal of NHS Staff Voices speaks at a protest calling for a pay rise for health workers outside Downing Street on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, NHS workers from all over London marched from Guys and St Thomas hospital to Whitehall, demanding an immediate pay rise for health workers.

NHS staff from various workplaces and trade unions shut down Whitehall, while a group of doctors and nurses covered in fake blood staged a die-in outside the entrance to Downing Street.

The socially-distanced protest heard from health workers from all professional backgrounds, all united in anger at how they have been totally left behind by the government – throughout the pandemic, but also over the last decade of austerity measures that have left the NHS barely able to cope.

Join the national protests on September 12. For more details, go to

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