Monday 10th October, 6pm: Mutiny presents Drugs on Trial with star guest Professor David Nutt

“Mutiny put the Media on Trial and within weeks the News of the World closed down and Rupert Murdoch was forced to testify before the House of Commons. Mutiny put Violence on Trial and within weeks there were riots on the streets of London, Manchester, Birmingham with the country interrogating the meaning of looting and burning. Mutiny put Education on Trial and within weeks students were smashing the windows of Tory HQ.

Now Mutiny presents Drugs on Trial – so God only knows what will happen next. Mutiny is the revolutionary night of political debate and entertainment which keeps ahead of the curve. We put the “ist” into zeitgeist. And for this event on 10th October we have none other than Professor David Nutt, who resigned at the Government’s folly in its classification of drugs and in causing more harm by imprisoning drug users than the drugs cause themselves.

And it is not just the Government’s drugs policy which goes before the judge and jury: we will be looking at the damage drugs can do to the community, at Big Pharma and prescription drugs, the production of drugs like cocaine and heroin and how this impacts on the developing world. And we will be asking our artists, activists, academics and assorted trouble makers: what would you do about drugs policy in this world and would we want drugs in a better world?

*Speed* Debating

The evening will begin at 6pm with Speed Debating (spiked with heavy drugs innuendo) and – for the first time – there will be food supplied for early arrivals.


The first 45 minute discussion session at 7pm will focus on the consumption of drugs, including how the government regulates which drugs we are legally allowed to (over) consume and which will lead to a prison sentence. We are inviting people who work on the front line of drugs and alcohol use in the community to discuss the harms and how we deal with them. With Professor David Nutt, the session will include debate on how drugs policy in the UK is at a disparity with what happens in our homes and on the street. Is ecstasy really safer than alcohol?


The second session will look at two interlinked methods of production. First we will discuss the invention, mass production and marketing of legal, prescription drugs for profit by multinational companies. Then we will look at how the production of illegal – but popular – drugs like cocaine distort developing economies and become politicised by the “war on drugs” and the “war on terror”. We have charity Hibiscus, coming to speak to us about the problem of drugs trafficking, and the journey drugs take through Western africa, en route from South America making its way to Europe, and the high human toll it creates.


The third and final session looks to the future and to solutions. We will be asking of there is a state led solution to the drugs industry. Should the NHS give out herion to addicts? Should drugs companies be nationalised, or free to profit from treating illness? We will also be asking whether under a fairer, happier future society free from capitalism we would still need or want drugs. Students for Sensible Drugs policy are coming down to open up debate on what is realistically the way forward for implementing new drugs policy. What makes a difference, what aren’t we researching, who aren’t we helping?

Ending on a high note…

The night will close with live performances from our favourite artists – and some new ones. As with every Mutiny, we will be injecting poetry, performance, art, theatre and general mayhem into each session to create the perfect cocktail of cerebral and aesthetic highs.

Join the Mutiny!

But above all, Mutiny is all about the audience. So if you have an expertise in drugs, a strong view, a political perspective, a personal interest, a good anecdote, a good antidote then “attend” on Facebook and we’ll let you know just as soon as tickets become available!

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Drugs on Trial is on Monday 10th October, from 6pm at the Resistance Gallery, 265 Poyser st, Bethnal Green, E2 9RF.. See you there!