You can imagine the stampede out of the tea-rooms when the order came down that the Conservatives needed volunteers for the All-Party Parliamentary Migration Group.
The last man standing was clearly Stewart Jackson, a former Lloyds TSB local branch manager and MP for Peterborough.

Jackson has been appointed vice-chairman of the group and is up against the formidable former chairman John Cruddas, it was confirmed today.

The group’s remit is to “promote a balanced debate on migration and its impact on the UK economy and society” and during the elections it was almost the only sane voice in the UK on the subject.

Jackson, a tree-lover, was quoted in the Express in March this year attacking migrants who were living in a tree-house. He said: “The Labour government was warned uncontrolled immigration would cause these sorts of problems. The Government must act now…and not leave my constituents to pick up the tab.”

Perhaps his views have been influenced by his wife, Sarah O’Grady, who is property correspondent and writes the blog “home truiths” at the Daily Express newspaper.

Stories which have appeared under her name include: “WE’RE SLEEPWALKING TO A MIGRATION NIGHTMARE”, “MOHAMMED WILL SOON BE ‘MOST POPULAR BOYS NAME’ IN UK” and “BRITAIN IS MORE CROWDED THAN INDIA AND CHINA” (their screaming capitals).

She really didn’t do her husband any favours when she quoted him in the Express, defending a couple against a charge of racism, saying: “I couldn’t believe it, neither could the rest of my family or my friends, who are all colours and creeds.”

O’Grady also missed the scoop about a little known MP who was happy for the taxpayer to pick up a £495 tab for “remedial work” on his family’s trees. Jackson also claimed more than £60,000 on his parliamentary expenses to spend on the couple’s lovely new house, garden and pool.

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