Counterfire has organised a crucial meeting in London on the eve of the national demonstration for Palestine to discuss the roots of the crisis and the response of the left

In the wake of Israel’s horrific attack on Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza, it is crucial that we continue to mobilise in the UK.  There will of course be another massive national demonstration on Saturday, assembling at Marble Arch at midday. Counterfire is urging all its members and supporters to come to London for it and to spread the word far and wide. 

As we build the broadest possible movement we need  to develop an analysis of the causes and consequences of the crisis. The stakes could hardly be higher. Israel’s assault on Gaza has already killed thousands of Palestinians and displaced hundreds of thousands. We are on the brink of a second Nakba and the risks of a wider war are clear.

In order to make the arguments for a free Palestine in the UK, we need to understand the roots of the catastrophic situation, the role of western imperialism and the strategies for Palestinian liberation.

If you can get to London on Friday evening we invite you to join us for a discussion with some of the leading activists and experts on the situation in Gaza and the wider Middle East. 


  • Tariq Ali, author, campaigner and broadcaster
  • Ghada Karmi, Palestinian academic and author of One State: The Only Democratic Future for Palestine-Israel. 
  • Laura Pidcock, former MP and chair of the People’s Assembly
  • John Rees, activist and author of many books, including Imperialism and resistance, and member of Counterfire
  • Chair: Shabbir Lakha, Stop the War officer and Counterfire organiser

Don’t miss this crucial opportunity to deepen our understanding of Israel’s war on Palestine on the eve of the national demonstration.

Book here.

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