Protests in solidarity with Palestine. Protests in solidarity with Palestine. Photo: Shabbir Lakha

We report on a tremendous protest in response to the gathering crisis in the Middle East

There was a magnificent display of solidarity with the Palestinians in front of the Israeli Embassy in London on Monday night. Thousands closed Kensington High Street chanting ‘free Palestine’ and ‘in our thousands, in our millions we are all Palestinians’ late into the evening, occasionally letting off flares and fireworks.

The police tried to keep one lane of the road open but they were overwhelmed by the sheer numbers turning up. A student bloc marched down to the protest from Kensington Gore and people were still coming out of the tube to join the protest an hour after it had started, and groups came from all over the South East to join the protest.

Photo: Shabbir Lakha

Speakers from the six organisations calling the protest explained the background to the terrible crisis in the Middle East and put the case that the only way the situation can be resolved is if Palestinians achieve freedom and justice.

A national demonstration was announced for Saturday, assembling at midday at the BBC in Portland Place. 

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