Palestine protest Photo: Shabbir Lakha

Lucy Nichols reports on an emergency protest in London against the escalating attacks on Palestinians in Jerusalem and Gaza

This afternoon 1,000 Londoners protested outside the Israeli embassy. The demonstration was called by a coalition of groups including Stop the War and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and was a response to the IDF’s horrific violence against Palestinian worshippers inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem followed by a series of airstrikes on Gaza yesterday.

The protesters waved flags and placards at the embassy in Kensington, as speeches were heard from trade unionists, Palestinians, anti-war activists, and two 6-year-old twins who led chants for a short while.

The static demonstration lasted around two hours but was incredibly loud and protesters remained defiant. Chants included ‘From the river to the sea’, despite Suella Braverman’s threat to make it illegal.

The speakers pointed out the links between the British and Israeli government, and condemned Rishi Sunak’s support for apartheid. Speakers also called for BDS, and an immediate end to the UK government’s backing of Israel.

It is clear that we will need to continue protesting for the end of the occupation of Palestine, especially given Israel’s ramping up of violence in Jerusalem and Gaza. We must continue to mobilise, and build towards the national demonstration on 13 May to commemorate the Nakba, 75 years later.

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