This Thursday, Windrush day, London Counterfire is very pleased to be hosting a meeting on a crucial issue facing people in the capital – the appalling record and continuing behaviour of the Metropolitan police

Barely a week goes by with­out complaints of brutality, racism or sexism by Met police officers. From the dreadful killing of Sarah Everard to the recent tasering, handcuffing and hooding of a 90 year old black woman and the disgraceful failure to investigate homophobic killings in East London, the Met are not just failing us, they are contributing to the danger on our streets. 

To make matters worse, the Met are at the forefront of implementing new draconian anti-protest laws, to chilling effect.

Join our outstanding panel this Thursday to discuss the problem of the Metropolitan police, its causes and what can be done about it. 

Joining the panel are:

  • Riz Chroudhry, a safety officer in Soho who was cuffed and left in a cell for 15 hours the night before the coronation
  • Marlon Kameka, community activist and actor
  • Sherelle Cadogan, ASLEF BAME officer for Transport for London 
  • Shabbir Lakha, activist and writer for Counterfire. 

The meeting takes place at 6.30pm Thursday 22 June at the Indian YMCA , 41 Fitzroy Sq, London W1T6AQ.

Don’t miss out: Book here

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