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Liverpool Council has taken a stand against the government’s reckless plan to begin opening schools on 1st June, reports Don Davies

The Tories’ plans to force schools to re-open from 1 June are in trouble.

Teaching unions, parents groups and the BMA have all objected to the Government’s attempts to put teachers and children in the firing line.

The plans have been thrown into further disarray as a result of the decisions of the devolved Governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each making it clear children will not be returning on 1 June within their jurisdictions.

Now local authorities across the country are following suit.

Liverpool City Council was the first to openly defy Johnson’s edict.

Local Mayor Joe Anderson made it clear that children would not be going back until it was safe for staff and children to do so.

The council have denounced the Tory plans. They point out that the infection rates across Merseyside remain stubbornly close to R1.

R1 is the rate at which infections will start to increase.

They argue the plans have been rushed through, not taking account of local conditions and with not enough time to prepare schools and class rooms to make them safe.

Liverpool City Council argued that for children to return safely appropriate adaptions (like one-way systems) would need to be implemented. Classrooms would need to be altered.

Classes would need to be smaller to allow for social distancing.

Other local authorities should follow Liverpool’s lead.

There should be no return to schools until it is safe for staff and pupils.