A model motion to pass at your trade union branch/CLP/other organisation to oppose the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill and defend the right to protest

This ____ notes:

1The arbitrary and vague nature of the Policing Bill’s restrictions on “noisy” and “annoying” protests and its provision to limit protest if it is ‘disruptive’.

2The fact that the Bill could lead to fines on protest organisers.

3The fact that the Bill threatens freedom to protest and potentially to picket. 

This ____ believes:

1That the right to protest, noisily or otherwise, is essential in a democratic society.

2That the Policing Bill is a conscious effort to undermine this right and criminalise opposition.

This ___ resolves:

1To join the call for the revocation of the Bill (to Kill the Bill).

2To support the nearest protest against the Bill.

3To demand that socially-distanced protests against the Bill be allowed to go ahead without police harassment.

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