More than 200 students around Milton Keynes gathered at Campbell Park and marched through the City Centre in protest against the cuts to EMA and the proposed tuition fee increases, after individual schools held their own protests.

The mood was angry, but electric! The demonstration was organised amongst the students themselves, some even taking unauthorised absence and loosing their weeks EMA. One student stated, “It may not be about me, right now, but it is about the future for us all!” A student as young as 12 also commented; “…and my future!”

Clearly this illustrates the level of anger, frustration and anxiety felt by students about the future of education in the UK. Their fears need to be heard by the coalition government as they are not going to go away!

Anita De Klerk

Anita de Klerk is a lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy, Marxist activist and founder of the People's Flotilla Against Austerity.