Rally at Hackney Town Hall Rally at Hackney Town Hall. Photo: Vic Paulino

Unite members working for Hackney Council have rejected a measly 1.75% pay offer and rallied at the Town Hall ahead of their planned strike action, reports Carole Vincent

Hackney Council are facing coordinated action by Unite members working in Refuse and Cleansing, Education, Building Maintenance and Passenger Transport Services (SEND). The Unite members held a rally at Hackney Town Hall on 21 April and put Hackney Mayor on notice that they have kick started their strike action over pay & conditions.

Whilst workers throughout the country are facing the worst cost of living crisis in decades, the workers in Hackney Council are making the following demands:

1A 10% pay rise, to be paid as a market supplement

2The introduction of an Agency Worker’s Agreement to give all Agency workers the chance to gain permanent employment after 12 weeks of working for the Council if they wish

3A Covid Bonus payment

4The introduction of a night rate

5A reduction in the length of beats that are too long

Workers doing the same jobs in Plymouth, Bexley, Eastbourne, Brighton and Thurrock have all managed to win significant pay rises following strike action, as much as 19% for some. 

Hackney Council have offered a measly 1.75%! The Council have £300 million in their reserves and they employ one of the highest six-figure-salaried managers out of any Council in the country.

There are massive labour shortages, particularly in the HGV sector and Hackney Council can afford to meet the worker’s demands but are choosing to leave them poorer than before.

The strike days commence next week on: 25-27 April with a further three days planned for 3-5 May if demands are not met.

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