The GEO group has been given a £25million contract from the public purse.  This is despite wide-ranging accusations of human rights abuses, sexual assault and negligence in the US.  In Australia, the company has lost its contracts to run immigration centres after outrages including riots against racism and assault.

Gauntanamo Bay is an illegal US prison camp in Cuba that is widely known to have used torture methods as routine. President Obama said that he would shut it down before entering the White House but has failed to do so.

Dungavel immigration centre has allready been exposed by campaigning groups like Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees and Positive Action In Housing of the inhumane conditions in which people are imprisoned.

We should join Anas Sarwar MP in opposing the UK government’s decision to award them with this contract as nothing short of barbaric given the record of Gauntanamo Bay and the numerous accusations of severe human rights abuses. Alex Salmond and the SNP goverment should be pressured to campaign for the contract to be cancelled.

We should also demand that in the 10th year of the Dungavel immigration centre’s brutal history it is shut down, and asylum seekers are welcomed in Scotland rather than incarcerated.

From International Socialist Group website