Fighting for Socialism image Fighting for Socialism image. Source: Counterfire

Counterfire has launched a crowdfunder to help us build socialist organisation across the UK by funding more organisers, more publications, and more events – please give generously

Counterfire is growing. Wherever we have organisation – in the unions and workplaces, in towns and cities across Britain – our radical socialist arguments are cutting through. As the social crisis deepens, and Starmer’s Labour moves rightwards, more and more people are looking for radical answers.

We want revolutionary socialist organisation in every corner of the UK. We want to extend the reach of the radical left’s only free newspaper. We aim to expand the content and coverage of, already one of the best read websites on the left.

To do this we need more organisers, more events and more publications. All this costs money. That is why have launched this crowdfunder. Don’t let a lack of funds hold back the spread of socialism. Please GO BIG and help us turn anger into better, stronger, socialist organisation.

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