Today 12 students from higher education and school students were invited to ‘developing policy on the future of Higher Education Funding’ on the day that the coalition government released their report on education cuts. We wrote ‘Hands Off Education’ on our palms and held them up to show our protest. And we did not let Nick get away with fobbing us off. Every student there was really angry and demanded to know why the KibDems boke their manifesto promise of removing fees. Clegg said ‘you may live in a bubble but in the real world we have no alternative; what’s YOUR alternative then?’ he asked!! What a cheek. we told him to stop allowing companies like Vodaphone to dodge taxes, to halt the 55% pay increases for the bosses, to implement a progressive tax system across society, to stop funding war and Trident. He said ‘that is complete nonsense’!! We are angry that he gave us no time to even read the report he had just released. The school students asked ‘are you saying that debt is acceptable’ More videos coming soon. Don’t forget the Big Demo and Breakfast at ULU before the 10 Nov see:
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