CoR activists from around East London have been building widely for the 26th March demonstration with stalls and leafleting sessions in Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Walthamstow.

We have leafleted tubes, blocks of flats and asked local shops and businesses to take leaflets. Everyone has had such a positive response that we’ve had to re-stock on leaflets quite a few times now! Today the Tower Hamlets’ anti-cuts group Hands off our Public Services and Unison hired an open-top bus to spread the word. We stopped along the main shopping streets, jumping off and leafleting before moving to other areas and have been jointly leafleting with local anti-cuts groups in other parts of East London. Throughout these activities there have been many passers-by who said they were already coming to the demonstration and were building for it. However, a large number of people who didn’t know about it, who then said they would come and often took leaflets to help build it themselves. This highlights the importance of getting out on the streets to spread the word, not only by accessing a new layer of people but by being able to give them a wadge of leaflets then and there. Tomorrow we will be leafleting on the tubes to catch people as they travel across London. Please join us, 1pm, Whitechapel Tube, Whitechapel Road.