Nakba 76 – Stop arming Israel - march & rally, central London 18th May 2024. Nakba 76 – Stop arming Israel - march & rally, central London 18th May 2024. Photo: Steve Eason / Flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0

The left faces big challenges – we need a principled alternative to the Labour Party that is careering to the right

Sunak’s Tories would be easy meat for any half decent Labour leader. But rather than calling out one of the most unpopular prime ministers in living memory, Starmer is getting right behind his most rabid policies. He is talking tough on immigration, backing foreign wars and nuclear arms and embracing austerity economics, with the union jack always in the background. All the while he is doing his best to kick out the few decent candidates Labour still has.

That Labour will almost certainly win is down to hatred of the Tories, not to any warmth for Starmer. 

All this means we have to strengthen the principled, fighting left. Counterfire has been at the heart of the resistance to the Tories since day one. We are pushing for left candidates but also getting ready to take on Starmer’s Labour if and when that is necessary.

We are running a crowdfunder to produce more free papers, set up new branches and expand our central office operation. Please give generously to a left that really wants change. 

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Counterfire is growing faster than ever before

We need to raise £20,000 as we are having to expand operations. We are moving to a bigger, better central office, upping our print run and distribution, buying a new printer, new computers and employing more staff.

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