Counterfire will be hosting a series of meetings over the summer at SOAS, Russell Square, London


Wednesday 11 June

Broken politics, a rising right: how can the left fight back?

Politics is fracturing across Europe and beyond and the right is taking advantage. The left has to find ways to direct the anger millions feel against corrupt elites spellbound by big business. John Rees, author of the recently re-released ABC of Socialism, looks at how best to popularise left wing ideas and retake the initiative.
SOAS Main Building, room 116, 6.30pm

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Thursday 3 July

Strikes, the unions and the new working class

Unions are moving into action again. Richard Allday from Unite and Clare Solomon from the People’s Assembly examine the history of mass strikes and the role they have played in movements aimed at system change. They discuss how the unions can make themselves relevant to all those hurting from austerity and look at the relationship between union leaders and the rank and file.
SOAS Main Building, room G3, 6.30pm

Wednesday 16 July

Imperialism, democracy and national liberation now

Nato’s expansion into Eastern Europe underlines the west’s continuing obsession with global military dominance. The left has a proud history of supporting struggles against imperialism, but not all protests are good protests. Alastair Stephens and Fran Legg discuss how the west uses democratic rhetoric to cover it’s interventions, and why the main enemy is at home.
SOAS Main Building, room 116, 6.30pm