Dear Brothers and Sisters This is probably the most important email I have ever sent.

The forthcoming budget cuts planned by this Condem Government will leave the majority of African, Caribbean, Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities with higher levels of unemployment, poverty, homelessness, worsening health rates, higher rates of crime and virtually no access to front line services.

I write to you to ask that you circulate the Coalition of Resistance leaflet promoting a national demonstration on the 20th October the day that George Osborne MP Chancellor of the Exchequer will announce the most draconian budget cuts ever witnessed in a generation. The mantra that there is no alternative to aggressive cuts is lie. The Banks that caused this nightmare are the ones who should shoulder the debt not poor communities.

These cuts represent the most strident attack on the poorest sections of our communities and the calculation of this Government is that our communities will not raise a finger in protest. That is this Governments biggest mistake. I invite you to read and circulate and join Black Activists Against the Cuts (BARAC) founding statement attached. We are committed to mobilising all over the country to demonstrate the outrage and anger of our communities at the intention of this Government to decimate already desperately poor black communities.

Firstly comrades these cuts will lead to Black and Asian workers employed in the public sector being sacked or made redundant in unprecedented numbers overwhelmingly affecting black women and therefore having a real impact on black families. We already have evidence of Government departments with a 12% black workforce and yet black workers made up 60% of the planned redundancies.

The Government has refused to carry out Equality Impact Assessments on these proposals and the Equality and Human Rights Commission is refusing to take legal action.

Secondly the impact on the Voluntary sector will see youth projects, elderly day care and luncheon clubs, mental health and sickle cell support and awareness groups, employment and mentoring projects, community and sports centre’s will be devastating. I foresee this sector being all but eradicated as a consequence.

Thirdly there is the profound impact on service users, those most vulnerable families in our community who will be left to fend themselves unable to access mainstream service and having no recourse to front line services. Please help us demonstrate that the black community will not simply walk silently into the dreaded night. I ask you to join me at this critically important demonstration.

Both I and Zita Holbourne will be on the march we are speaking at the event and I ask you to join us. Bring your drums, vuvuzeala, whistles, horns and banners, bring your friends family and fellow workers. Lets send this Government a clear message from black communities.

Thank You Lee Jasper

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