The Bahrain authorities are attempting to crush the democracy movement with Saudi military support. The Cairo conference has produced the following statement

Bahraini security forces violently attacked protesters at the Pearl Square to make them leave.

Hundreds of troops and armored vehicles have been used in the assault, while helicopters loomed over the square. This assault left five protestors killed while 200 were injured according to medical sources. What happened was something we do not see even at war. Bahraini troops prevailed in everywhere, blocking roads and detaining or even shooting those trying to pass.

Since its inception, this week has witnessed major escalation of violence by the regime. Moreover, it asked for military assistance from Gulf States to fight the Bahraini people.

In an unprecedented move in the Arab World, the Saudis sent 1000 troops from the Peninsula Shield Force.

It is clear that Saudi Arabia was worried that protests in Bahrain might reach the Eastern part of Saudi Arabia, which has a Shia majority.

Such developments could give the protest movement a sectarian nature and further escalate oppression against protestors.

In general, the arrogance of the regime, and the persistence of the autocratic rule – motivated by mere self-interests- will further escalate the bloodshed.

We express our admiration to struggle of the Bahraini people as well as our great respect to their courage in the face of the dictatorial regime’s oppression.

And we condemn the use of force in dealing with peaceful protests motivated by legitimate demands and the involvement of Gulf forces in the conflict. We are sure that protestors will ultimately win the battle.

And we stress our support to the people of Bahrain in their struggle for democracy and freedom.

We call upon peoples of the world to demonstrate in front of Bahraini embassies to condemn the regime’s violence against unarmed civilians.

We urge human rights activists and parliamentarians in different parts of the world to spare no effort to pressure their respective governments to halt all kinds of military cooperation with the countries involved in the fight against the Bahraini people.

Long live the struggle of the Bahraini people for justice and freedom.